Los Mejores Podcast para Aprender a Escuchar Inglés (¡Gratis!) en 2024

¬ŅCual es el mejor podcast para aprender a escuchar ingl√©s?

¬ŅEscuchas la radio o alguna plataforma digital mientras caminas o conduces? ¬ŅNo tienes mucho tiempo para sentarte y ver algo m√°s detalladamente?

Desde la academia de inglés Centro Norteamericano, hemos creado nuestra biblioteca de los mejores podcast para mejorar tu inglés. En ella encontrarás los podcast divididos por niveles y temáticas. Todos con una breve explicación y el enlace para que puedas empezar desde hoy mismo. 

Todo lo que necesitas es un móvil y una buena conexión de internet. ¡Empezamos!

¡Nuestra tabla de libros con filtros para aprender inglés!

(Recuerda que puedes ordenar y filtrar)

CategoryNameThemePlataformPerson in chargeContact emailDescription
A1-A2What If WorldChildrenApple, Google, SpotifyEric O'KeeffeEach week, Mr. Eric takes a "What if?" question from a kid and spins it into a story for all of you!
A1-A2Little Stories for Tiny PeopleChildrenApple, Google, SpotifyRhea PechterLittle Stories for Tiny People is a children's podcast featuring original audio stories that will delight the tiny people in your life
A1-A2That Story ShowComedySpotifyJames Kennison, John SteinklauberThat Story Show is where we bring your personal, clean-cut comedy stories into the spotlight.
A1-A2Red School BusComedyAppleJames Kennison, James SteinklauberRed School Bus is a clean comedy family-friendly podcast where we share your hilarious real-life stories!
A1-A2Book Club for KidsBooksWebsiteKitty FeldeBook Club for Kids is a free, 20-minute podcast devoted to middle grade books and readers
A1-A2One More PageBooksApple, Google, SpotifyKate Simpson, Liz Ledden, Nat Amooreonemorepagepodast.comePacked full of interviews, book reviews and industry gossip, your hosts Kate Simpson, Liz Ledden and Nat Amoore provide the inside scoop on all things kids’ books.
A1-A2The Saturday Morning Cereal BowlMusicApple, Google, Spotifythesmcb.comA weekly music show for the whole family.
A1-A2The Music Podcast for KidsMusicApple, Google, SpotifyMr. Henry, Mr.FiteLearn about World Music, Instrument Families, Genres of Music and much more as Mr.Henry and Mr. Fite embark on the adventure of learning and teaching music.
A1-A2ESPN DailySportsApple, Google, SpotifyPablo TorreMonday through Friday, host Pablo Torre brings you an inside look at the most interesting stories at ESPN, as told by the top reporters and insiders on the planet. The breaking news of SportsCenter. The deep dive storytelling of 30 for 30. Get the very best of ESPN. Daily.
A1-A2What Did I Miss?SportsApple, Google, SpotifyMichelle Beadletheathletic.comWhat Did I Miss? with Michelle Beadle takes you into the mind of Michelle, three times a week, covering sports and pop culture--juicy NBA storylines, bad tv...good tv...really any tv--a little bit of everything.
A1-A2The Ten NewsNewsApple, Google, SpotifyPamela Kirkland, Ryan Willardthetennews.comThe Ten News podcast is a bite-sized podcast for kids and their adults that explains what’s going on in the world
A1-A2CNN 5 ThingsNewsApple, Google, Spotify5 stories that will get you up to speed and on with your day.
A1-A2Happy English PodcastGrammarApple, Google, SpotifyMichealFun, practical, and useful English lessons for students of all ages. Learn English idioms, phrasal verbs, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar American Culture and so much more
A1-A2Everyday Grammar - VOA Learning EnglishGrammarApple, Google, SpotifyLearn English as you read and listen to news and feature stories about everyday grammar, education and study in the U.S.
A1-A2The Kitchen Counter- Home Cooking Tips and Inspiration CookingApple, Google, SpotifyRodger AndersonThe show that's dedicated to helping aspiring home cooks grow their skills and confidence in the kitchen so they can start cooking up memories with their family and friends.
A1-A2Mystery RecipieCookingApple, Google, SpotifyMolly Birnbaumamericastestkitchen.comMystery Recipe helps kids AND their grown-ups uncover the fun, fantastical, and fascinating sides of food. Each ingredient-themed episode builds to a grand finale: a mystery recipe cook-along.
A1-A2Go With Nugget for KidsTravellingApple, Google, SpotifyGo With Nugget for Kids is a travel podcast for curious kids
A1-A2Vacation MavensTravellingApple, Google, SpotifyKimberly Tate, Tamara GruberVacation Mavens is a family travel podcast offering destination inspiration and travel tips for traveling with kids.
A1-A2KIDS FIRST! Coming AttractionsMoviesApple, Google, SpotifyJeffrey A. Spenardweekly radio show hosted by the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics, 60 youth, ages 8 to 21 from across the country. They review the latest films, interview celebrities, and give you insight into upcoming new films, TV shows and Digital media
A1-A2Honey We Made A Disney PodcastMoviesApple, Google, SpotifyEddie Ferguson, J.B. Waggonerhoneywemade.comFriends since first grade, J.B. and Eddie share funny stories of childhood and fatherhood all while looking back at Disney movies
A1-A2Spongebob BingePantsSeriesAppleFrankie Grande, Hector NavarroEach week, Frankie and Hector have hilarious conversations, and interview special guests from voice actors to veteran artists, uncovering behind-the-scenes secrets about everyone’s favorite sea sponge. SpongeBob BingePants is a weekly celebration of all things absorbent and yellow and porous!
A1-A2TimestormSeriesApple, Google, SpotifyDania Ramos, Micheal Aquinococotazomedia.comThe Ventura twins are yanked into another dimension where they meet a distant cousin who gives them an extraordinary mission: travel through time to preserve their culture’s true history. Along the way, they meet people from Africa, Europe, and the Americas who have left their mark on Puerto Rican heritage
A1-A2All Ears English PodcastVocabularyApple, Google, SpotifyLindsay McmahonHow to use everyday English vocabulary and natural idioms, expressions, and phrasal verbs and how to make small talk in American English. Special tips on American culture, customs, etiquette, and how to speak with Americans as well as conversation and commentary on study tips
A1-A2Easy English timesVocabularySpotifyMitch and IsiThis podcast presents news and short articles in easy-to-understand English for people with a basic level of English.
A1-A2Learning EnglishVocabularyWebsiteBritish CouncilLearn everyday English by listening to our podcasts
A1-A2Better @ English PodcastSpeakingWebsiteLorihttps://www.betteratenglish.com/contactThis podcast offers short, easy-to-follow lessons on basic English grammar and vocabulary for people at a basic level.
A1-A2The Effortless English ShowListeningWebsiteSaid Isbilirhttps://effortlessenglishclub.com/showThis podcast focuses on developing fluency in English through practical tips and exercises. It is ideal for people with a basic level.
A1-A2Simple English News DailyNewsApple, Google, Spotifyhttps://www.send7.org/Este podcast ofrece noticias diarias en un inglés sencillo y fácil de entender, para principiantes.
A1-A2British Council PodcastsNewsWebsiteBritish Councilhttps://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/general-english/audio-series/podcastsThe British Council produces a series of podcasts covering a variety of topics such as education, culture and current affairs. It is recommended for students at A2-B1 (pre-intermediate) level.
B1-B2Speak English now PodcastSpeakingWebsiteGiorgianahttps://speakenglishpodcast.com/contact/Speak English Now Podcast - This podcast offers practical tips for improving spoken English, including grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Suitable for beginner to intermediate level speakers.
B1-B2Real English ConversationsConversationApple, Google, SpotifyRealenglishconverstions.comhttps://realenglishconversations.com/contact-us/This podcast offers authentic conversations between native English speakers and covers a range of topics relevant to everyday life. Suitable for those at a basic to intermediate level.
B1-B2PickleChildrenAppleShumita Basu, Carl SmithPodcast where adults answer easy and not so easy questions, for kids.
B1-B2TumbleChildrenApple, Google, SpotifyLindsey Patterson, Marshall Escamilla, Sara Robberson LentzTumble is a science podcast for kids, to be enjoyed by the entire family
B1-B2That Story Show - Clean Cut ComedyComedyApple, Google, SpotifyJames Kennison, John SteinklauberThat Story Show is where we bring your personal, clean-cut comedy stories into the spotlight. Join James and John as they share your hilarious real-life stories and anecdotes every week
B1-B2Ear Biscuits with Rhett & LinkComedyWebsite, YoutubeRhett McLaughlin, Link NealJoin Rhett and Link, hosts of the popular daily YouTube show Good Mythical Morning and authors of the New York Times bestseller "Book of Mythicality" in a candid weekly conversation for your entertainment.
B1-B2A Way With WordsVocabularyApple, Google, SpotifyMartha Barnett, Grant BarrettA Way with Words is a fun and informative podcast covering the origins and meanings of English words and phrases.
B1-B2What Should I Read Next?BooksWebsiteAnne Bogelwhatshouldireadnext.comThe show for every reader who has ever finished a book and faced the problem of not knowing what to read next.
B1-B2Currently ReadingBooksWebsiteMeredith Monday Schwartz, Kaytee CobbTwo bookish friends discuss what’s on their nightstands, in their earbuds, and on their Kindles right now, in addition to books they’ve loved forever, and a variety of other readerly topics
B1-B2Dolly Partons America MusicWebsiteJad Abumrad, Shima OliaeeJoin us for a 9-episode journey into the Dollyverse. Hosted by Jad Abumrad. Produced and reported by Shima Oliaee
B1-B260 Songs that Explain the 90sMusicSpotifyRob HarvillaListen along as The Ringer‚Äôs preeminent music critic Rob Harvilla curates and explores 60 iconic songs from the ‚Äė90s that define the decade.
B1-B2SnapBack Sports PodSportsApple, Google, SpotifyJack Settleman, Abe GranoffThe latest stories in the NBA, NFL, Premier League. You can expect guests, predictions, mailbags and a witty conversation.
B1-B2The Athletic NBA ShowSportsWebsiteZach Harpertheatletic.comAn NBA podcast featuring a rotating lineup of the best insiders, writers, and reporters from The Athletic.
B1-B2CriminalCrimeWebsiteAn unexpected and critical look at true crime that often leaves you questioning the criminal legal system and always shows there is more to the story.
B1-B2Today Explained NewsWebsiteSean Rameswaram, Noel Kingvox.comNews comes at you fast. Join us at the end of your day to understand it. Today, Explained is your all killer, no filler, Monday to Friday news explainer co-hosted by Sean Rameswaram and Noel King
B1-B2Everyday English with E2GrammarSpotifye2english.comInteractive episodes that will improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Your grammar will straighten out, your vocabulary will grow, and your pronunciation will clarify
B1-B2Grammar Girls Quick and Dirty Tips for Better WritingGrammarSpotifyMignon FogartyGrammar Girl provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing and feed your love of the English language
B1-B2Weeknight Kitchen with Melissa ClarkCookingSpotifyMelissa Clarksplendidtable.orgHelpful advice for both beginners and seasoned cooks. It’s a practical guide for weeknight eating, from the makers of The Splendid Table.
B1-B2Home CookingCookingWebsiteHrishikesh Hirway, Samin NosratHome Cooking is a mini-series to help you figure out what to cook‚ÄĒand keep you company
B1-B2Armchair ExplorerTravellingApple, Google, SpotifyAaron Millararmchair-explorer.comThe world's greatest adventurers tell their best story from the road. Each episode is cut documentary style and set to music and cinematic effects to create an immersive storytelling experience.
B1-B2Educate your Travel TravellingSpotifyJordan CarnsSharing hacks, itineraries and crazy stories from past trips.
B1-B2Rachel's English SpeakingWebsiteRachelhttps://rachelsenglish.com/podcast/Presented by Rachel, a qualified American accent teacher, this podcast is designed to help non-native speakers improve their pronunciation and accent. Recommended for intermediate level learners
B1-B2Kermode & Mayo’s takeMoviesApple, Google, SpotifyMark Kermode, Simon MayoFilm reviews, TV reviews, and all your conversation around movie and non-movie related stuff. Plus a whole bunch of recommendations to watch in cinemas, on all streaming services and on physical media.
B1-B2Aussie EnglishCultureWebsitePetehttps://aussieenglish.com.au/This podcast is perfect for those who want to improve their English in Australia and learn more about Australian culture.
B1-B2Classic Movie MustsMoviesWebsiteMax BarilMovie podcast that aims to provide artistic and historical context to classic films
B1-B2The Weird PlaceSeriesAppleDana Carveyteamcoco.comThe Weird Place is an episodic sci-fi adventure that will blow your mind
B1-B2Foul Play: Crime SeriesSeriesWebsiteShane Watersitsfoulplay.comFoul Play : Crime Series is a guided one case per season True Crime series podcast appealing to your morbid and obsessed curiosity.
B1-B2The English We SpeakVocabularyWebsiteEvery week, we look at a different everyday English phrase or piece of slang in this fun three-minute programme.
B1-B2The Business English PodBusiness EnglishSpotify, WebsiteBusiness English Pod.comhttps://www.businessenglishpod.com/category/business-english/For those who want to improve their business English, The Business English Pod offers practical tips for communicating effectively in the workplace. It is recommended for students with an intermediate level of English.
B1-B2TED talksCultureWebsiteTEDhttps://www.ted.com/talksTED Talks cover a wide range of topics, from science and technology to business and creativity, and offer a great opportunity to practice listening comprehension. Recommended for intermediate to advanced learners.
B1-B2Go Natural English PodcastVocabluaryApplehttps://podcasts.apple.com/tr/podcast/go-natural-english-podcast-listening-speaking-lessons/id939927416Go Natural English helps you improve your English listening skills and fluency. The podcast will benefit intermediate to advanced learners most. Your English will benefit from language learning strategies that work, vocabulary and idioms, expressions, and phrasal verbs and how to make small talk and real conversation in American English
B1-B26 Minute EnglishVocabularyWebsiteEach episode is only 6 minutes long and covers a wide range of topics, including news, culture and language. It is for people with an intermediate level of English.
B1-B2Esl AloudListeningAppleSherman Rosenhttps://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/esl-aloud/id148731747This podcast offers audio recordings of literary and poetry classics, making it a great resource for improving your listening and comprehension skills. Suitable for those at an intermediate-advanced level.
B1-B2Luke’s PodcastVocabularyWebsiteLuke ThompsonLuke’s English Podcast is an award-winning audio show for learners of English as a foreign language.
C1-C2CulipsVocabularySpotifyAndrew BatesThe Culips ESL podcast offers a mix of conversational and cultural English lessons. For intermediate-advanced level students
C1-C2The AllusionistLanguageWebsiteHelen Zaltzmanhttps://www.theallusionist.org/contactThis podcast is about language and explores the peculiarities and idiosyncrasies of English and other languages. For those with an advanced or high intermediate level.
C1-C2Stuff you Should KnowCultureApple, Google, Spotify, WebsiteJosh Clark, Chuck Bryanthttps://www.instagram.com/SYSKPodcast/This podcast covers a wide range of topics in an entertaining and informative way, making it a great way to learn new vocabulary and improve your comprehension skills. Suitable for intermediate to advanced level students.
C1-C2CultureverseChildrenApple, Google, Spotify, WebsiteKelly Marie Trantrax.fmCULTUREVERSE is an immersive audio drama that celebrates our collective cultural past. It is a place where myths and legends come alive in the modern world.
C1-C2Hold Me Back: Son and Father Change the ConversationChildrenApple, SpotifyAidan and Ashholdmeback.libsyn.comIn this unique son-and-father podcast, Aidan and Ash ElDifrawi hash out a new contract between generations, forcing them to violate comfort zones on today’s most charged topics: social media and screen time, bullying and loneliness, inequality and privilege, sex and drugs, education and etiquette, even politics, religion, and sports.
C1-C2The Daily Show with Trevor Noah : Ears Edition ComedyApple, Spotify, YoutubeTrevor NoahListen to highlights and extended interviews in the "Ears Edition" of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. From Comedy Central's Podcast Network.
C1-C2Remade in America with Bassem YoussefComedyWebsiteWill Ferreliheart.comEach episode has a different theme in which Ron engages in conversation with another notable person on the topic at hand. In true Ron Burgundy fashion, these conversations have a tendency to go off the rails.
C1-C2The Book Club ReviewBooksApple, YoutubeLaura Potter, Kate SlotoverDiscussion, debate, even a little dispute ‚Äď expect it all on The Book Club Review. Every month hosts Kate and Laura bring you a new episode. That could be Book Club where we chat about the book read most recently by one of our book clubs
C1-C2Questlove SupremeMusicApple, Spotify, YoutubeAhmir Khalib Thompsoniheart.comQuestlove Supreme is a fun, irreverent and educational weekly podcast that digs deep into the stories of musical legends and cultural icons in a way that only Questlove and Team Supreme can deliver.
C1-C2A History of Rock Music in 500 SongsMusicWebsite, Apple, SpotifyAndrew Hickey500songs.comAndrew Hickey presents a history of rock music from 1938 to 1999, looking back at five hundred songs that shaped the genre
C1-C2The Problem With Jon StewartNewsApple Podcasts, YoutubeJon StewartThe Problem with Jon Stewart is an American current affairs television series hosted by Jon Stewart on Apple TV+. Each episode focuses on a single issue.
C1-C2Bloomberg BusinessweekNewsApple, Google, Spotify, WebsiteCarol Massar, Tim Stenovecbloomberg.comThe latest news from the world of business and finance and the interesting stories of global technology, politics, economics and more by harnessing the power of Bloomberg Businessweek reporters and editors.
C1-C2Doc Grammar PodcastGrammarWebsite, AppleFor learners of English who want to improve their grammar skills. Different episodes for different levels of English.
C1-C2How to Speak and Write Correctly by Joseph DevlinGrammarWebsite, AppleA book on improving eloquence, proficiency and grammar in everyday communication.
C1-C2Lunch TherapyCookingApple, Spotify, WebsiteAdam Robertsamateurgourmet.comEach week on The Amateur Gourmet podcast, there's a theme, interviews with famous chefs, writers, actors, and cookbook authors all about cooking and eating and everything in-between.
C1-C2Borderline SaltyCookingApple, Spotify, WebsiteCarla Lalli Music, Rick MartinezBorderline Salty is a weekly podcast hosted by Carla Lalli Music and Rick Martinez. They help others become better, smarter, happier cooks.
C1-C2Zero to TravelTravellingApple, Spotify, WebsiteJason MooreWhether you‚Äėre a travel newbie dying to figure out how to explore the world, an occasional traveler longing to make your holiday every day, or an experienced globetrotter seeking unique ways to keep traveling full-time, you‚Äėre in the right place. Welcome to the listening community!
C1-C2The RewatchablesMoviesApple, Spotify, WebsiteBill Simmonsfilm podcast from the Ringer Podcast Network, features The Ringer’s Bill Simmons and a roundtable of people from the Ringer universe discussing movies they can’t seem to stop watching
C1-C2The Rewinders PodcastMoviesApple, Youtube, WebsiteJoe, Ken, Andy, DanThe Rewinders Podcast rewinds - and reboots - movies from the 80s and 90s that we watched as kids
C1-C2The Crown: The Official PodcastSeriesApple, Spotify, WebsitePeter Morganthecrowntheofficialpodcast.simplecast.comexclusive companion podcast to accompany the Netflix Original Series The Crown. Hosted by Edith Bowman, the podcast follows the show episode by episode, diving deep into the stories and taking listeners behind the scenes with insights from many of the people involved in making the show.
C1-C2Afterglow: UnVEILING The Idaho Cult SeriesSeriesApple, Spotify, WebsiteKathy BrooksAfterglow; UnVEILING The Idaho Cult Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell story, is a true crime story like no other
C1-C2Espresso English PodcastVocabularyApple, Spotify, WebsiteShayna Oliveraespressoenglish.netYou'll learn English grammar, vocabulary, phrases, idioms, and more. Espresso English lessons are clear and practical, making it easy to learn the language quickly and effectively
C1-C2The Moth PodcastCultureApple, Spotify, WebsiteSalma Alihttps://themoth.org/contactThis podcast features real stories told by real people, making it a great way to improve your listening skills while learning about different experiences and perspectives. For advanced learners.

Articulo Podcasts

¬ŅQu√© nivel de ingl√©s tienes?

Para aprovechar los podcasts como herramienta tienes que tener muy claro cuál es tu nivel. Si ya lo sabes, sólo tienes que ir a la sección correspondiente. 

Si no lo sabes o tienes dudas, desde el Centro Norteamericano te ofrecemos un test gratuito. En él tras responder las preguntas, sabrás el nivel que tienes en este momento. 

¬ŅQuieres probar tu nivel? Haz nuestra prueba de nivel online sin ning√ļn compromiso.

Si te gustaría saber las equivalencias y niveles de inglés que existen. O si tienes un certificado pero no sabes a qué equivale. Hemos realizado una guía actualizada y completa de niveles de inglés y equivalencias. 

Si te gustaría mejorar tu inglés a través de clases, preparación de exámenes y/o clases particulares. El Centro Norteamericano te ofrece diferentes formatos de clases y cursos para conseguir tus objetivos en este idioma.

Articulo Podcasts

Mejores Podcast para Aprender inglés A1/A2

Para estos niveles nos hemos centrado en canales con audios sencillos y de fácil comprensión. En ellos aprenderéis desde el vocabulario más elemental hasta cómo pronunciar cada uno de los fonemas. 

Encontraréis canales con temática.  Vídeos cortos y con contenido muy específico. 

Entre los 10 canales que encontráis en nuestra biblioteca os recomendamos que empecéis por estos tres:  What If World, British Council Podcasts y Happy English Podcast.

Mejores podcasts para Aprender Inglés B1/B2 

Para estos niveles recomendamos canales con temáticas más complejas. Temas en los que estemos cómodos pero que a su vez salgan de nuestra zona de comfort. De esta manera, habrá vocabulario conocido y aprenderemos nuevos conceptos. 

Encontraréis canales temáticos, centrados en la cultura, la ciencia y las noticias. 

Entre los 10 canales que encontráis en nuestra biblioteca os recomendamos que empecéis por estos tres:  What Should I Read Next?, The English We Speak y TED talks.

Mejores canales de Youtube para Aprender Inglés C1/C2

Para estos niveles recomendamos canales para que perfeccionéis el inglés que ya sabéis. Los podcasts serán con temática centrada en la actualidad, profesionales con recursos y gramática de nativos. 

Encontraréis canales con vocabulario formal, modismos y jerga de diferentes lugares. 

Entre los 10 canales que encontráis en nuestra biblioteca os recomendamos que empecéis por estos tres: The Moth Podcast, The Problem With Jon Stewart y Questlove Supreme.

Articulo Podcasts

Entonces, ¬Ņcu√°l es el mejor podcast para aprender ingl√©s escuchando?

Los podcasts se han convertido en una parte omnipresente de medios de comunicación, haciendo fácil el acceso de contenido en nuestro día a día desde diferentes lugares como el coche, caminando por la calle o cocinando. 

Son universales. Es decir, tanto para aquellos que tengáis suscripciones a diferentes plataformas como los que no, podéis encontrar podcasts para todos vuestros gustos y necesidades. 

La oferta de plataformas es inmensa por lo que podréis encontrar una gran diversidad tanto en temática como para las destrezas. Podéis hacer vuestras propias listas y programar los diferentes audios para esa caminata, como audio de fondo o trayecto del coche. 

Creemos que los podcasts pueden ser el recurso más practico y real en el día a día de una persona adulta. Así pues, echa un vistazo a nuestra biblioteca y decídete por uno. ¡Sólo necesitas darle al play!

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